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American Journal of Social Science Research, Vol.7, No.1, Mar. 2021, Pub. Date: Mar. 29, 2021
Assessment of Community Participation in Management Activities at Elshegaig Elgaalein Village, White Nile State, Sudan
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[01] Hawida Hassan Elawad, Research Follow at Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, College of Agricultural Studies, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Khartoum North, Sudan.
[02] Mohammed Badwai Hussein, Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, College of Agricultural Studies, Sudan University of science and Technology, Khartoum North, Sudan.
[03] Shadia Al Amien Abbas, Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, College of Agricultural Studies, Sudan University of science and Technology, Khartoum North, Sudan.
This study was conducted at Elshegaig Elgaalein village, White Nile state, Sudan. The study aimed to investigate the role of community based management in promoting people to participate in management activities in the study area Data were collected using questionnaire responded 90 headed households in the study area then data were analyzed. Statistical analysis was done using (SPSS). Statically data was tested chi-square test and correlation test. The finding results included that most of householders in this study were men and few were women may be for their responsibility of the management of natural rangeland resources. Majority of respondents ages ranged between 30-70 years old, most of them occupied seasonal agriculture and the others distributed between animal breeders, simple trade, officers and some free works. Most of them they were primary level educated. Traditional leaders in addition to the teachers and health officers were representing the members of village development committee (VDC), their mission was to lead development works and activities in the study area, 2.2% of respondents were members of committees and 97.8% were not. This study concluded that, the participation of local people is appropriate in planning and executing stages but their role was not clear in making decision and editing systems. Chi square test ensured the significant relation between sex and participation of community management activities (at 0.05 level) but it denied the significant relation with age, income level and education level. Correlation test ensured the positive significance relation between sex and participation in community management activities but the correlation Coefficient is very weak. Local people in the study area suffered from many problems (like poverty, lack of services and lack of women opportunities), challenged their participation. So based on the study findings the recommendations proposed were community-based and grassroots institutions should denote and defend local issues, and CBOs had to introduce participatory tools to engage with communities, enable discussions and mobilize community members, set aside for women participation and designed training and educating program to raise the local community awareness to motivate participation in natural range resources management activities.
Collaborative, Range Lands, Leader, Gender, Sustainability
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